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Show Off Artistry Pallet
  • Show Off Artistry Pallet

    Row 1: A Vibe,( matte pale cream) Butter:* matte toasty brown) Creamy:( Matte caramel) French Toast:matte( caramel latte)TimeLess:(Matte Dark Brown)

    Row2: Soflo:(shimming champagne) Day Dream:(Matte deep Peach)Trench Coat:(shimmering bronzes) Exclusive(: shimming  light bronze)Penthouse:(shimming smoldering wood)

    Row3: Classy Lady(shimming Gold) Ladylike: (shimming 24kt Gold) Stuck On You:( Matte light coffee) Breath Taking:(Shimming copper)Wifey:(dark shimming Brown)

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